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World's first application that maintains your "balance/balance of presence" between virtual and real world, while minimizing your "fear of missing out virtual activities/need of virtual presence" at the same time keeping you connected to both.



FBFasting understands your need “to be/for being” focused in real world with your loved ones when it’s really needed; minimize distractions from the virtual world and inform unavailability through update.

How it helps user

Virtual E-Fasting – is an acronym for refraining activities in the virtual world like chatting, wall posting, status update, commenting etc.

Encourages enjoying real world without disappearing completely from the virtual world!

Lessens dependency on virtual world while keeping interest in the virtual world

Reduces FoMo (Fear Of Missing Out), stress, anxiety and controls your urge for instant replies.

Improves concentration on work in hand, and many more...

How it helps Facebook

Helps reducing termination of Facebook accounts due to excessive and incorrect usage by motivating Controlled usage of virtual activities.

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How often do you make virtual activities? Seems to be a wrong question right, why? because there is hardly a day without virtual activity. But have we ever thought how virtual we have become in the race of commenting, chatting, updating status and so on in the virtual world. If you feel the same and more like hooked by your virtual world, we have a solution which will help you to increase your Real world presence without affecting your link to the virtual world. Feel free to contact us.

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